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Helping You Learn More About Integrative Medicine
At Thorne Vet, we not only honor the animal-human bond; we also greatly respect the Veterinarian-Owner-Animal relationship.

While most people will take their animals to the veterinarian way before they would take themselves to the doctor, many pet owners still try to diagnose and prescribe for their animals based on their own knowledge.

Dictionary of Integrative Medicine: This dictionary was developed by Thorne Vet with the average pet owner in mind. We want to help you communicate intelligently with your veterinarian on the medical issues and treatments for your pets.

Thorne Vet “Knowledge Minute”

One of the most important ways Thorne Vet keeps you current is with our state-of-the-art "Knowledge Minute." When you sign up for the "Knowledge Minute," you will receive in your email inbox the most relevant scientific advances in integrative veterinary medicine. We package these knowledge bytes using print and video in a manner that allows you to effectively assimilate this valuable information as quickly as possible.

To help you get what you want as fast as possible from your "Knowledge Minute," Thorne Vet separates data into two formats. When you are pressed for time and need knowledge in a fast concise summary, we provide you with what we call:

"The Short Story"

When you have more time and want to dive deeper into the research we also provide you with:

"The Whole Story "

which gives you a much more detailed look at the research. So just choose the learning path that works best for you at that moment.

Instant Anytime Access To “Knowledge Minutes”

Your Thorne Vet "Knowledge Minutes" will all be stored on the Thorne Vet website so you can come back to the site anytime and spend more time with the research that interests you most.

Stay Current: sign up for the "Knowledge Minute"

Just enter your First and Last Names and Primary Email – then click the Free Knowledge Minute Sign-Up button to enter. All information is kept 100% confidential.


Veterinarians' Desk Reference of Natural Medicines

In response to the growing demand by the veterinary community for information on nutraceuticals, the doctors at The Veterinary Institute of Integrative Medicine have produced the Veterinarians' Desk Reference of Natural Medicines (VDR). The VDR provides veterinarians with a comprehensive manual on using nutritional supplementation. The veterinarians at the Veterinary Institute of Integrative Medicine have generously provided a link to this valuable information for use by visitors to the Thorne Vet web site. Click to Veterinarians' Desk Reference of Natural Medicines

Research Links, Web

To save you time and allow you to  spend more time with your animals, Thorne Vet has taken steps to identify the best of the integrative medicine web pages and research links to keep you current on relevant, cutting edge veterinary studies and news. Click to Research Web Pages

Research Links, Periodicals

Industry news and perspectives and cutting-edge medical/scientific reports are just a click away. We've streamlined the time it takes for you to access the latest data on integrative veterinary medicine. Click to Periodical Links

Research on Thorne Vet Product Pages

You will notice that each Thorne Vet product has numerous research references associated with it to enable you to learn more about the specific ingredients in each formula. We purposefully link this product search and research information together. Why do we link the product information and research? Because Thorne Vet wants to use every tool we can to help you assimilate more knowledge faster. Research shows linking research to a product you are interested in supports the long-term memory process.

Helping Pet Owners Find A Thorne Vet

As we discussed on the Why Thorne Vet Sells Only to Veterinary Professionals web page, we do not sell Thorne Vet products directly to pet owners. If you have not read that page, we urge you to take a few minutes to see why we are so passionate about supporting your animal's efficient healing by engaging the help of a veterinary professional when your pet is unwell.

Where Can I Get Thorne Vet Products?
A Thorne Veterinarian

While you can't buy Thorne Vet products directly from us, we want you to have every opportunity to use what we consider to be the highest quality, most effective, bioavailable, and hypoallergenic animal health products in the world. Therefore just click the link below or call us and we will gladly locate a veterinarian close to you who will be pleased to supply you with the Thorne Vet products you need.

A Message to Our Customers

After much careful evaluation and consideration during the past year, ThorneVET has discontinued several products. Most of the discontinued products, however, still remain available in our human line. Click bottles below for more information.

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Serum Immunoglobulin Concentrate to Promote a Healthy Immune Response


A Revolutionary Product to Maintain a Healthy Inflammatory Response

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