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The Veterinarian,
Owner - Animal Bond
At Thorne Vet, we not only honor the animal-human bond; we also greatly respect the Veterinarian-Owner-Animal relationship.

While most people will take their animals to the veterinarian way before they would take themselves to the doctor, many pet owners still try to diagnose and prescribe for their animals based on their own knowledge.

Owner Diagnosis: Causing Damage

Many pet owners are not aware of it, but diagnosing your own animal can have dire results for the health of your dog, cat or horse.

For instance, veterinary professionals know how to combine products so your animal is not receiving too much, or the wrong combination of ingredients. Selenium or fat soluble vitamins like A and D and other ingredients, when given to an animal with undetected liver, kidney or other diseases, can have severe negative consequences. Veterinary professionals are also acutely aware of multiple ingredient interactions that you may have no knowledge of. These interactions could cause damage to your beloved animal.

For Example:

• Creatine may negatively affect the kidneys of animals with diabetes or a history of kidney dysfunction.

• Vitamin E and Ginkgo are believed to stop proper blood clotting and should not be used if there are clotting problems, or before surgery.

• Bromelain can interact with the antibiotic tetracycline and magnesium can decrease the absorption of this drug.

• When licorice is taken with heart drugs such as digoxin, low potassium levels increase the risk of drug toxicity.

• White Willow bark (aspirin) should not be used in cats; it is toxic due to its component salicylates.

Why Thorne Vet Strongly Recommends
Veterinary Consultation

Profound Knowledge:

To ensure that your animal has the highest possible level of care, we strongly
recommend taking them to a veterinary professional. These doctors have
amassed a vast storehouse of knowledge, acquired by attending thousands of
hours of undergraduate and veterinary school classes, answering tens of thousands of test questions on veterinary medicine, receiving a graduate degree, passing state licensing exams and continuing to stay on top of the latest advances in veterinary medicine by taking mandatory ongoing medical education courses. In addition, every veterinary professional works hands-on with hundreds of animals, further honing their skills and ability to understand exactly what an animal needs from a medical perspective.

That Something Else: Intuition

Veterinarians are very special people with a unique view of the world. It can be said that virtually all veterinarians take up the crusade to heal animals because it is a mission that resonates with their very being. Therefore, in addition to their vast medical knowledge, veterinary professionals have acquired a deep intuition about what an animal needs. This intuition is vitally necessary in order communicate effectively with species like dogs, cats and horses, who speak a very different language than humans do.

Not Going to the Vet:
Costing You More and Lowering Effectiveness

Because many of us on the Thorne Vet team are practicing veterinarians, we often see owners who are spending much more money than they should on veterinary products, or simply buying the wrong ones.

These animal owners frequently come into our offices with a bag full of products which are the wrong formulas or wrong combinations of formulas for the animal. Plus, in many cases, they have paid way too much for their purchases. In the long run, by trying to diagnose and prescribe for their own animals, they end up not only spending more money, but limiting their animal’s ability to receive the best care. 

The Thorne Vet:
Endorsing Veterinary Professionals

Our mission at Thorne Vet is to use our integrative and holistic medical knowledge to help veterinarians heal more animals more effectively. In order to do that in the most successful manner possible, we rely heavily on the knowledge base and intuition of veterinary professionals. We urge you to do the same.

In fact, we have decided to make our Thorne website for veterinary professionals available to consumers who would like to learn more about integrative and holistic medicine in order to become informed consumers. As a result, these owners will be able to communicate more effectively with their veterinarians.

So while you can’t buy Thorne Vet products directly from us, we give you the knowledge and help you to find a veterinary professional in your area who will provide you with the Thorne Vet products that are right for your animal’s health needs.

How Thorne Vet Supports
Animal Owners

While Thorne Vet does not sell products directly to consumers, we do help you in many ways.

Please go to How Thorne Vet Helps Animal Owners and learn how you can....

Find a Thorne-recommended Vet: Thorne Vet will help you find a veterinary professional near your home that can provide you with Thorne Vet products as well as the very best care.

Dictionary of Integrative Medicine: Use this dictionary that was developed by Thorne Vet with the average pet owner in mind. We want to help you communicate intelligently with your veterinarian on medical issues and treatments for your pets.

Thorne Vet "Knowledge Minute:" Read the most relevant scientific advances in integrative veterinary medicine that Thorne is emailing your vet every week.

Veterinarians' Desk Reference of Natural
:   Access the VDR which provides veterinarians with comprehensive information on using nutritional supplementation.

Research Links, Web Pages: Explore the kinds of veterinary industry news, perspectives and cutting edge medical/scientific reports Thorne Vet makes available.

Research Links, Periodicals: Read the best of the integrative medicine web pages and research links that keep your vet current on relevant veterinary studies and news.

Research on Thorne Vet Product Pages: Be informed of how each Thorne Vet product has numerous research references associated with it to enable your veterinary professional to learn more about specific ingredients in each formula

A Message to Our Customers

After much careful evaluation and consideration during the past year, ThorneVET has discontinued several products. Most of the discontinued products, however, still remain available in our human line. Click bottles below for more information.

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