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In response to the growing demand by the veterinary community for information on nutraceuticals, the doctors at The Veterinary Institute of Integrative Medicine (VIIM) have produced the Veterinarians' Desk Reference of Natural Medicines (VDR). The VDR provides a comprehensive manual for veterinarians using nutraceuticals. The Veterinary Institute of Integrative Medicine has generously provided this link for our vistors to find diagnostic information. Click here to visit the Veterinarians' Desk Reference online.
Veterinarian's Desk ReferenceNote: This guide is intended to be used by licensed veterinarians only. While pet owners may find this information useful, they should not attempt to self-diagnose their animal friends. The Veterinary Institute of Integrative Medicine always recommends that your animal's health care be directed under the guidance of a veterinarian.

Below is a list of categories covered in this diagnostic tool. Click here to go to the Veterinary Institute of Integrative Medicine's diagnostic tools.
  • Aging - general aging
  • Arthritis / Degenerative Joint Disease
  • Behavior - general anxiety, feline psychogenic alopecia, separation anxiety, trailering and travel
  • Cardiovascular - congestive heart failure, heartworm disease, valvular disease, cardiomyopathy, valvular endocarditis
  • Dental - periodontal disease, giardiasis, gingivitis/stomatitis, nausea/motion sickness/vomiting
  • Digestive - colic (chronic), constipation, acute diarrhea, chronic diarrhea, enteritis (equine), incomplete digestion/maldigestion, inflammatory bowel disease, pancreatitis, pancreatic insufficiency (exocrine pancreatic insufficiency), parasites
  • Ear - otitis (yeast, bacterial, allergy)
  • Endocrine - diabetes mellitus, Cushings Disease, thyroid dysfunction/hypothyroid
  • Eyes - conjunctivitis, cataracts, recurrent uveitis (moonblindness), anterior uveitis, retinal problems, indolent ulcers, glaucoma, feline herpes keratitis
  • Fibromyalgia / Metabolic Detoxification
  • Hematologic - Anemia
  • Immune Disorders - atopic dermatitis, immune suppression/chronic infections, autoimmune disorders, allergy (food), infectious FIV, FeLV
  • Integumetary - dermatitis (general), atopic dermatitis, demodicosis, dermatophytosis, feline hyperesthesia (hair loss), equine rain rot (the crud, dermatophilosis), equine sarcoids
  • Liver - hepatitis (general), hepatic lipidosis, copper associated hepatopathy
  • Musculoskeletal - equine back pain, intervertebral disk disease, arthritis (general), osteoarthritis, equine myopathies (tying up, azoturia), laminitis-equine, trauma
  • Neonatal Diseases - septicemia, viral respiratory infections
  • Neoplastic - general neoplastic
  • Neurologic - epilepsy, senile dementia, degenerative myelopathy, equine protozoal myelitis (EPM), equine herpes virus
  • Otitis/Ears - yeast, bacterial, and/or secondary to allergic
  • Pain - general
  • Pancreatic Insufficiency
  • Pancreatitis
  • Parasites
  • Poor Performance - general
  • Respiratory - asthma (feline), equine chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), feline viral upper respiratory disease, rhinitis/sinusitis, bronchitis, chylothorax
  • Thyroid
  • Trauma - bruising and hemorrhage, over-worked (strained tendons & sprains)
  • Urogenital - acute infectious/pyelonephtitis, calculi/stones, chronic insufficiency/nephrosis, cystitis-bacterial (urinary tract infections), feline lower urinary tract disease (FUS, FLUTD), puppy vaginitis, uterine infection

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