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How We Make Choosing
The Right Product

Thorne Vet knows that finding the most effective and innovative products on the market can be a challenge. Often, you have numerous formula choices from many different companies.

In other cases, you may be looking for a specific formula to treat a particular condition that is hard to find. This can make choosing the very best product for your animals extremely time-consuming and stressful. Thorne Vet is committed to making the process of selecting an effective product much easier for you.

Four Ways Thorne Vet
Helps You Choose

Latest Scientific & Medical Research

All of our pure, highly bioavaliable formulas are based on the latest scientific and medical research. We will not compromise. When you use a Thorne Vet formula, you can rest assured that it has been developed using the latest evidence-based research.

Knowledge Filter

All of our formulas are then reviewed by the most knowledgeable and experienced minds in our industry. As practicing veterinarians, all of us have experienced the challenge of what worked in the lab does not always translate into healing in our practice. This is why - before Thorne Vet formulas go to market - they are passed through the knowledge filter and experience base of the top thought leaders in our field. Who We Are

Product Reviews

To save you time, money and effort, Thorne Vet tirelessly explores the market searching for and analyzing the top integrative veterinary products. We then evaluate these formulas, assessing what is missing in them and where innovation can be applied. Then our medical and formula teams create products that we believe combine the best of what exists, with the Thorne's high level of innovation. The result is - you need to go to only one company, Thorne Vet... to find the best of the best.

Product Searches For You

Thorne Vet is seriously committed to supporting your effective healing of animals any way we can, even if you don't use one of our formulas. This means that, in the rare case Thorne Vet does not carry the particular product you are looking for, we will help you find it. Our medical and formula teams have supplied our customer service people with names of all of the market's top products and where to find them. Anytime you can't find what you are looking for, just contact us and we will gladly do our best to help you find it.

Earned Respect and Trust

No other manufacturer has garnered the trust of experts such as research organizations and leading healthcare practitioners around the world, like Thorne Research, our parent company.

Thorne Research has provided technical and manufacturing expertise to numerous researchers, and our products are currently included in more than a dozen studies in such prestigious institutions as Bastyr University, Columbia University, University of California, the U.S. Navy, Oregon Health Sciences University and Tufts University.

In this competitive industry, the amount of money spent on advertising is tremendous, with all companies claiming they have the best products available. Thorne Vet's reputation won't be shaped through clever marketing, but rather through the unbiased scrutiny and approval of veterinarians throughout the world who've discovered one important detail - our products will consistently produce positive results in their patients.

A Message to Our Customers

After much careful evaluation and consideration during the past year, ThorneVET has discontinued several products. Most of the discontinued products, however, still remain available in our human line. Click bottles below for more information.

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