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At Thorne Vet Knowledge is Power

Thorne Vet Helps You Stay Current

At Thorne Vet we understand all too well the challenges of trying to stay current on the latest research and advances in integrative veterinary medicine, while at the same time dealing with the day to day stressors of running your practice.

Our commitment at Thorne Vet is to continually develop ways to assist you not only to stay up to date on the latest knowledge in integrative veterinary medicine, but also to make it easy for you to access, assimilate, and utilize this vital knowledge.

Quality Research vs. Poor Research: Thorne Vet Is Your Filter

Unfortunately, in our industry much of the information and research on integrative medicine presented by individuals and companies is of poor quality. Before we present any knowledge or research to you, our scientists and veterinarians review the original sources for accuracy and authenticity. This ensures that you will only receive up-to-date and scientifically precise information. At Thorne Vet, you can trust the source.

How Thorne Vet Helps You Stay Up to Date

Thorne Vet helps you stay current in many important ways, such as our “Knowledge Minute,” access to various web research sites, a Diagnostics Link with immediate access to therapeutic products categorized by disorder, a link to the well-respected Veterinarians' Desk Reference of Natural Medicines, listings of important periodicals, and access to continually updated lists of conferences, seminars and CE courses. And to support your knowledge, on our Thorne Vet product pages each product has numerous research references that you can click on to learn more about the research behind specific ingredients.

Your “Knowledge Minute”

One of the most important ways Thorne Vet keeps you current is with our state-of-the-art “Knowledge Minute.” When you sign up for the “Knowledge Minute,” each month you will receive in your email inbox the most relevant scientific advances in integrative veterinary medicine. We package these monthly knowledge bytes using print and video, in a manner that allows you to effectively assimilate this valuable information as quickly as possible.

To help you get what you want as fast as possible from your “Knowledge Minute,” Thorne Vet separates data into two formats. When you are pressed for time and need knowledge in a fast concise summary, we provide you with what we call:

"The Short Story"

When you have more time and want to dive deeper into the research we also provide you with:

"The Whole Story "

which gives you a much more detailed look at the research. So just choose the learning path that works best for you at that moment.

Instant Anytime Access To "Knowledge Minutes"

Your Thorne Vet “Knowledge Minutes” will be stored on the Thorne Vet website so that at any time you can come back to the site and spend more time with the research that interests you most. Thorne's "Knowledge Minutes" will be archived starting in April.

Stay Current: sign up for your monthly "Knowledge Minute."

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Research on Thorne Vet Product Pages

Enhancing Learning: Linking Product Pages to Research

You will notice that each Thorne Vet product has numerous research references associated with it to enable you to learn more about specific ingredients in each formula. We purposefully link this product search and research information together.

Why do we link the product information and research? Because Thorne Vet wants to use every advantage we can from "memory neuroscience" to help you assimilate more knowledge faster so that you can heal more animals more effectively. In memory neuroscience, the Hebbian Learning Rule is considered the base mechanism of associative learning and synaptic plasticity (memory).

Research shows that, when you learn information associated with a product or service, that specific information has a much greater chance of being retained in your long-term memory; that is, a better chance of being remembered than if you tried to learn the same information in isolation with no association.

Let's say you are considering using a joint health formula for an animal and, as an example, you are contemplating a product like Thorne Vet's CurcuVET®. If you look at the research at the same time you are considering the formula, the Hebbian Learning Rule has a better chance of being activated. As a result, that specific information has a greater chance of moving from your working memory into your long-term memory and you will have a greater chance of being able to recall the information when needed.

Now please understand that, just because you have linked information does not guarantee you will remember it. The neurogenetics of learning is a much more complex process than that. But you can be assured that, in all we do at Thorne Vet, we will be blending information with the latest advances in the neurogenetics of learning to give you every advantage to gain more knowledge, faster and easier.

To see an example of how we link products to research, please Click here to our Thorne Vet Product Pages.

Veterinarians' Desk Reference of Natural Medicines

In response to the growing demand by the veterinary community for information on nutraceuticals, the doctors at The Veterinary Institute of Integrative Medicine have produced the Veterinarians' Desk Reference of Natural Medicines (VDR). The VDR provides veterinarians with a comprehensive manual on using animal health products. The veterinarians at the Veterinary Institute of Integrative Medicine have generously provided a link to this valuable information for use by visitors to the Thorne Vet web site. Click to the online VDR.

Research Links: Web Pages

To save you time to spend on healing your animals, we at Thorne Vet have taken steps to identify the best of the integrative medicine web pages and research links to keep you current on relevant, cutting edge Veterinary studies and news.
Click to Research Web Pages

Diagnostics Link:

This quick reference of the therapeutic product index of the VDR is categorized by disorder, as compared to product name and product mode of action. This makes it easy to use in a clinical setting.
Click to Diagnostics Link

Research Links, Periodicals

Industry news and perspectives and cutting edge medical/scientific reports are just a click away. We’ve streamlined the time it takes you to stay up to date on the latest data vital to your practice and your ongoing education. Click to Periodical Links

Current list of Conferences, Seminars and CE Courses

Industry news and perspectives and cutting edge medical/scientific reports are just a click away. We’ve streamlined the time it takes you to stay up to date on the latest data vital to your practice and your ongoing education. Click to Conferences Links

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