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ThorneVET: Committed To Transforming The World of Animal Health

Introducing Canine Basic Nutrients –
A Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Complex for All Phases of a Dog's Life

A complete multi vitamin and mineral formula
  • Optimize canine health and vitality
  • Enhance quality of life
  • Vitamins and minerals in their most highly bioavailable forms
  • For all phases of a dog's life
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ThorneVET is Here For You and Your Animals

ThorneVET is a unique organization committed to helping veterinarians heal animals more effectively through the use of integrative medicine. And to us this means so much more than producing the most innovative products on the market.

We see ourselves as your partner in the healing process. Therefore we have built ThorneVET and this website to provide you with the vital tools that can help support you to treat more animals more successfully. These tools are the foundation of all we do at ThorneVET.

Download the Current ThorneVET Catalog

For those who wish to go green, the ThorneVET catalog can be downloaded by clicking here. If you would like to have the entire catalog, containing animal health, human health, athletic performance, oncology support, and skin-care products, you may click here. If you would like a hard copy of the catalog you may request one from your sales representative or request one to be included with your next order.

Tools That Help You Heal More Animals, More Effectively





Transformation through Education

At Thorne Vet, we understand all too well the challenges of trying to stay current on the latest research and advances in integrative veterinary medicine, while at the same time dealing with the day to day stressors of running your practice.

Our commitment at Thorne Vet is to continually develop ways to assist you not only to stay up to date on the latest knowledge in integrative veterinary medicine, but also to make it easy for you to access, assimilate and utilize this vital knowledge. Learn more about the unique and different ways we help you learn quickly on the “Knowledge is Power” page.  

Healing through Science

As practicing veterinarians, all of us have experienced
the challenge of what was found to have worked in the
lab does not always translate into healing in our practice.
This is why all of our pure, highly bioavailable formulas
are based not only on the latest scientific and medical
research but before Thorne Vet formulas go to market
they are passed through the knowledge filter and
experience base of the top thought leaders in our field. In addition, we make this research easily available to you. Learn more on the “Who We Are” page.

Helping You Make the Right Choice

Thorne Vet knows that finding the most effective products on the market can be time-consuming and challenging. Therefore, you can contact us anytime, and we will help you find a product even if we don’t carry it. Why do we do this? Because helping you heal animals is our primary commitment. Learn more on the “Helping You Choose” page.

The Purity Healing Relationship

At Thorne Vet we deeply value the importance of the Purity–Healing Relationship. We believe that once you comprehend this Purity-Healing link, you will significantly alter the criteria by which you choose products that support your ability to treat animals. Thorne Vet is committed to helping you learn more about how this vital Purity-Healing Relationship can help you heal more animals more successfully. Please visit the “Why Purity Is Important” page to learn more.

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Learn More How Thorne Vet Can Help:

To help you to get a better understanding why Thorne Vet is considered to be the leader in the field of transforming animal health please take a few minutes to read the 4 links below. We are proud to be committed to supporting you to heal more animals, more effectively through the use of integrative medicine.

Introducing Canine Basic Nutrients

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Vet Express®

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Serum Immunoglobulin Concentrate to Promote a Healthy Immune Response


A Revolutionary Product to Maintain a Healthy Inflammatory Response

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