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Why Capsules?

Encapsulation offers significant advantages over tableting, such as the ability to provide greater purity and bioavailability of ingredients.

Making tablets requires that other ingredients be added. Binders, lubricants, coatings, disintegrants, and other excipients are the ingredients most commonly added by tablet manufacturers. These ingredients must be added to make the tablet stay together, to make the tablet shiny, and to make the tablet break apart.

Tablet press machines compact the powdered nutrients together (that have already been mixed with binders and lubricants) with a tremendous amount of force. Then, to make them shiny and easier to swallow, the tablets are often sprayed with coatings such as shellac – like the shellac found on furniture but instead labeled "pharmaceutical glaze" – or coated with "vegetable protein," most often a protein derived from corn.

Thorne Vet is the pioneering force behind pure encapsulation, discovering early on just how perfectly a capsule provides for the rapid dissolution and unimpeded absorption of our formulas – resulting in the most efficient delivery possible.

A Message to Our Customers

After much careful evaluation and consideration during the past year, ThorneVET has discontinued several products. Most of the discontinued products, however, still remain available in our human line. Click bottles below for more information.

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